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it could be worse, I guess

August 24, 2012

I’ve been sick for most of the last two weeks and then I woke up with a really sore neck.  It’s a sad thing when your body just throws in the towel like that.

Sorry about the long bit of silence on my part.  I had miserable allergies and then was on a long vacation without the internet – it was a bad case of in-law-itis.  And then I got a bad cold.  Super bad – so congested and sore muscles.  I still crawled into work for half days to finish up what I needed to do, but it was a miserable time.  Too miserable to write, too miserable to return comments, too miserable to deal with my bad work situation.

The work situation was resolved, but not in my favor.  It’s almost like a dare now.  (W would not categorize it like that – he just knows and my boss and I know how underemployed and under paid I was, and now I’m less underemployed but no less under paid.)  But in my head, it’s a dare.  Like if I could finish up a original novel, even a sucky internet self-published thing, I bet I could make about what I make at my job.  Or else I have to get them to start paying for more training so I can leave that job, but I need to make it sound like I’m getting that training to become more valuable to them.

Anyway, it was and still has the bits of bad situation around here.  Once I really start feeling better, maybe that will clear up.  Everything tends to look worse when I’m feeling physically under the weather.

I was so sick I used a neti pot.  (It’s something where you pour water through one nostril and get it to come out the other.  It sounds terrible, and if you’re congested, it’s even worse, but when the other meds aren’t doing their job, anything, even pouring water through your face sounds like a viable alternative.)  Verdict: gross.  And I was so congested that one side didn’t even let any water out – just pooled in my face.  Gross.  Still, stopping felt pretty good.

I suppose I should be glad that illness and in-laws and bad work situation and just not having any energy just puts me into a flat emotional non-writing state with flare-ups of annoyance and not a real depression.



December 6, 2011

The fansub for Naruto Shippuden Movie 4 is out!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!  (cue crazy Ozzy Osbourne-style laughter)

Why has no one told me?  I really needed it yesterday, when going home early from work seemed really exciting, even though all I’d probably be doing is cleaning the toilet.  (Because some days, people, cleaning the toilet is better than doing work.  Most days, it’s not.  But there are those days…)

This just really made my day.  Smiles all around.  Just thinking about it is making me bust with happiness.  Can’t wait to get home and watch movie about animated historically inaccurate teenage ninjas who might be traveling through time in this movie.  And he might be his own father.  (Just kidding.)  YAY!

dear person

September 14, 2011

You have no idea how close you have come to making me quit this job today.

You think you can quote the specifics of my job to me?  What I am supposed to do for you?

You hole.

Instead, I will take my lunch early and walk it off.

EDIT:  I moved heavy stuff around my office and car for a bit.  Cooled down.  Feel better now.  😐

test anxiety

June 21, 2011

Had a bad dream last night, related to the training class I’m supposed to be taking this week.  All about being late, or realizing I just missed the class.  Mentally, I’m still in high school, I guess.

just another sassy ethnic

March 29, 2011

There’s an Admin Assist here who I’m very friendly with.  We were talking about someone’s recent collaborator, who is Korean.

The AA is in charge of getting some arrangements together for the collaborator – and also was concerned about the level of English this person had.  The AA doesn’t speak anything but English and is worried that the arrangements won’t be right and that this person won’t be able to communicate that and live in darkness and be unable to feed themselves or something.  (I’m poking a little fun at the AA, she’s a good person, but she does worry a lot and the communication thing worries her tremendously – more than I think is necessary – but like I said, she worries a lot.  She’s a professional worrier, actually – she’s got 4 teenage children.)

Then she said, “They say [collaborator] has the best English out of the research group.   I don’t know – I don’t think [collaborator] sounds like you.”

I replied, “Nobody sounds like me. ”

She laughed, because I am an asshole fitting in neatly with the sassy ethnic thing I do sometimes.  But really, I do count as a native speaker of English, so to compare me to ESL speaker (even a Korean one) is just apples and oranges.  Or apples to those big Korean pears.  Some similarities, but different fruits altogether.

the smell of contentment

March 25, 2011

This is going to be a stinky post.  No, for real.  Look away.

Good.  Now all of those people are gone.

There is something so awesome about having your own office and microwave and eating the odoriforous foods of your ethnic background at work – I can’t even begin to tell you.  For me, that food is kimchee, lots of garlic, and seafood.

And then, of course, there is the little burps that happen afterward that can also stink a bit.  Drinking a lot of carbonated beverages probably doesn’t help me in this regard.

My sister used to have a job that people would openly judge you based on your food (usually negatively) – so she was scared to death to bring anything, even a mild curry, that would set people off.

I either am very lucky this has never happened to me, or else I am purposefully oblivious.

W is mostly fine with kimchee in the house – but he is not a fan of it.  It doesn’t bother me.   I can cook with it, whatever.  If he doesn’t eat it, that’s his choice and he can find something else to eat.

It was funny, though, when he was in a conversation with the husband of a Korean friend of mine and they were talking about the distinctive characteristics of kimchee in the house.   They agreed, it is bad news when the kimchee juice leaks out because the container is over-full, and then the fridge smells.  But it isn’t very nice either when it is the kimchee’s time to be burped to prevent the over-full container.   Fellas, it’s one or the other.  Pick your stinky rock or your smelly hard place.   (C’mon now, you did both marry Korean, fully aware of what you were getting into. )

(Kimchee is actively fermenting cabbage and so the bottles get filled with CO2 as time goes on and so the bottles have to be opened or else they can leak because of the high pressure).

little things

March 18, 2011

W had gone to do some work in California recently.  While strolling around Stanford University, he made the following observations:

1.  Beautiful campus

2.  Incredibly nerdy-looking student body

3.  What’re adults doing out at 7 or even 9 pm, eating and drinking – by themselves?!

(For the record, he was with a couple of collaborators running some machines in a basement somewhere in 12-14 hr shifts, grabbing meals at the student union and staying at a no-frills (meaning, several bedrooms, one toilet – hostel-style) hotel.)

While he was gone, I had a bad parent moment.  I took the kids to buy shoes.  I found out that Henry needed a size bigger, which I sort of knew.  The sad thing was that J needed a 1.5 sizes bigger.  No wonder she was crying when I tried to put those old shoes on her!

So, W has returned, and I have returned to work (after a crazy couple of days with the folks, explanation post to follow).  I have no idea what to do without a child at my elbow anymore.  Weird.

new religion

March 10, 2011

Oh, God of Office Machinery/Equipment – why is it that I have been chosen to be your buttmonkey?

For reals, GoOM/E.

I have always been situated near the copier – and it is inevitably my job to clear the jams (offering up to you the crumpled paper with the occasional sacrifice burnt onto the fuser), adjust the auto-stapler and empty the punchbox.

Why am I the only asshole who knows how to NOT jam the large documents stapler, dear GoOM/E?  (Is this my punishment because I have occasionally stapled a non-work related document in your holy spaces?)  And the only one who apparently bothers to clear the inevitable tangle of grossly mangled iron strips (one sharp pair of scissors would do it, oh Lord, if only that pair weren’t stolen within days of purchase because somebody wants to let in their friends/students into the copier room).

Notes:  I really meant to put in a good, thoughtful, heart-wrenchingly beautiful post brimming with insight and humanity, but I am so damn mad today – I’m a bitch on wheels because all I’ve done is wrestle these f’ing machines that people can somehow walk away from while they’re all broken and I need to photocopy one flipping sheet.  Don’t think I don’t know who you are:  just because you don’t leave a name, doesn’t mean I can’t figure it out – Psylab101!

Also, the one thing that made me laugh about the whole thing was thinking that there was some other asshole on the other side of the planet – somewhere, in Japan or Korea or China or India about to be in the same boat of broken copier purgatory.   It can’t just be me.

Time away from blog busy-ness

September 28, 2010

I’ve been super busy recently – it’s been a little mind-boggling how busy.

Traffic ticket takes super amounts of time to deal with.

Henry had his fourth birthday, and we don’t really do a party, but we do some similar activities – going to his favorite restaurant (I didn’t have a favorite restaurant at age 4, because my parents never go out, but that’s neither here nor there), having ice-cream cake at my mother’s house with all his cousins, bringing treats into school.  He started pre-k.

Baby Girl J has had her first birthday party – and that’s a big deal at me madre’s house, and we have to get a traditional Korean outfit, and all of the shopping, all that stuff.  She started up in the 1-year-old room at daycare.  They love her and call her a “squish.”

I have been back and forth at the car dealership because of a funny noise.  Turns out several brakes were bad – and one had to be machined.  More noise.  But intermittent.  Which is always a joy for the car repair guys to figure out. After some back and forth, it turns out that the entirety of the exhaust system/catalytic converter developed a crack due to manufacturer’s defect.  It all had to be replaced.  Took several days.  Pain in the ass.

W goes on a trip for several days – and I”m home with the kids.  A friend (who is lovely, but she made me totally paranoid) demanded that I lock the doors every time I’m in the house – this made me very concerned that I shouldn’t have the kids outside – ever.  But then W came back home and things are starting to get back to normal.

Then Henry gets sick – and after a certain number of sick days, we take him to the doctor.  Find out he’s got walking pneumonia.  He’s currently on a course of antibiotics and seems on the mend.

Oh, and work is killing me.  It is literally sitting in front of a computer compiling stuff.  Not interesting compiling like computer programs – at least there’s the pretense of excitement – compiling like putting together facts and figures.   Boring stuff that leads to carpal tunnel.   But there’s a sh*tload of it, because I’d been sort of ignoring it until just before Labor day because I was part-time until then.  But now, it’s time to pay the piper.  (the ferryman?)  This sort of work does not inspire me to come home and blog.

But I did it for my friend, my blog-fan,  J.

So here you go, J.  I hope you’re satisfied as to what I’ve done with my time.  I was genuinely busy.  (Okay?  Still friends?)

Oh, and I’ve been pecking away at a story.  Not certain what to do with it – but it’s got my imagination right now, and I’m trying to tie it all up in a big red bow, but it is resisting with the strength of a thousand suns – so when I do “write” it’s mostly just sitting in front of a lit computer screen staring at the words and thinking about how it all will come together.  Because I get a good idea in the shower and then forget it after my hair gets toweled off.  But that’s another problem.

Oh, and another thing – I read a book.  I really did.  (Maybe I mentioned this already somewhere.  I forget.)  Water for Elephants. Pretty good.  (Perhaps you should get used to hearing about this book – because I am the tiresome sort that reads one book a year and talks about it until I read another one – which won’t be until sometime in the middle of 2011.)

Analysis on any  or many of these items will follow somewhat erratically in the future.

Two dollars!

March 1, 2010

I lost $2 in a soda machine a couple of days ago. So, I called the number on the machine to get my refund. The number actually reached the assistant director of purchasing – and I felt sort of embarrassed. It was the assistant director! I mean, it’s only $2 – but hell, it’s my $2! (This is where I raise my fists in the air and cry out “Two dollars – I want my two dollars!” – anybody remember Better Off Dead?)

Who makes the assistant director of purchasing in charge of the vending machines? My workplace, that’s who.

This is the third time I’ve run into problems with those vending machines.  Kind of makes one think I should stop going to vending machines.  Better for the health and all that.

I got the two dollars back a couple of days later via inter-dept mail. Kind of satisfying, really, this complaining thing. Even if it was only over a couple of bucks.