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THAT shawl

August 17, 2014

I’m not mad, exactly, but I do wonder about pictures of some of the patterns I’ve knitted and they’re not exactly what the model pictures on the pattern are like. Especially shawls. If I’m making that shawl, I want that shawl, even if it turns out to need more yarn than is originally noted in the pattern. I want THAT shawl, not the one that is 2/3 the size of that shawl. THAT shawl, like the one the pretty model is wearing with the ivy-covered building background with the horse and the hot dude waiting for her. THAT shawl.

Part of the problem could very well be me – that I don’t block very hard and my gauge might be off because hey, who really knits a swatch on a shawl – but seriously. My shawl should not be that much smaller than the one in the pattern picture.

Just let me know. I can take it. (I can find my own ivy-colored building background and horse and hot dude. I don’t need instructions for that.)