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Crochet workshop

September 18, 2013

I won a ticket to a craft show.  I didn’t know what to expect, but hey, free ticket.

There were tons of papercrafts and some fiber stuff and a couple of gardening and cooking booths.  Some of it was stuff I liked and some of it didn’t really apply to me.  I wandered around some of the booths, and then I stumbled upon a free how-to-crochet workshop.  Great!  I’d always wanted to know how to really crochet, instead of makeshift-out-of-70’s book way I’d been going about it.

So, I sweated over the yarn for an hour and came away with this:


No.  Not the whole thing.  I made the light pink stuff.  A chain, double crochet, and the fat row on top of the magenta sample.  (They provided the magenta stuff as example and as starting point for double crochet. )  So, less than three rows of crochet in an hour.   Um, yeah.  Just burning up the crafting table here with my mad skillz.

I did learn everything I knew was wrong, so that was useful, in a sort of demoralizing way.

As a bonus, they let me keep the yarn.  So, yay.  (But not the crochet hook.)