Bad mom, bon mom

A couple of  weeks ago, as H was heading off to soccer camp, I realized that we had never taught him to tie his own sneakers.  Oy.   (Face, meet palm.)  He’s never owned a pair of sneakers with laces – everything up until now has been velcro.  (It’s not too late, I mean, it’s not like we dressed him in velcro footwear into his 20’s or something.)

So I spent some time teaching him and then drilling him on this.  He is not bad at it now.

The first day of soccer camp, H lost his towel, the cap to his water bottle, lost 50¢ of his snack money, and tore a huge hole in his brand new sport socks.  (I was moderately chagrinned about the towel because I made sure to buy a cheap towel in case of this eventuality.  I just thought it would take more than a day to lose it.)

The second day of soccer camp, H retrieved the towel, did not retrieve the water bottle cap, and lost his required bottle of sunblock.

On the day and fourth day of soccer camp, nothing was found, nothing was lost.

Then came the first day of swim class.  He lost his towel.  It’s been a week and he hasn’t found it yet.  (Good thing I stocked up on those cheap towels.)  He hasn’t lost anything else, but it’s swim class.  He’s only got a couple of things to lose, for heaven’s sake.


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