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November 2, 2012

I’ve watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy recently.

My wants are simple.  My needs few.   I want cross-over fic between Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)  and Naruto.    Maybe where there’s a suspected leak, Sandaime or Tsunade as Control, Kakashi as Smiley, Iruka as Guillam…  I don’t give a shit really, who else is who.  I guess Mizuki could be Haydon, Danzo as Alleline.  Naruto as Ricki Tarr?  Hinata as Irina?  Obito as Karla?

Honestly, I just want Cold War-like spying anecdotes and serious men in well-fitted suits crying about their pasts and the lives and loves they’ve sacrificed.

I’ve always like spy movies.  I tried reading The Little Drummer Girl when I was in high school, but I just don’t think I had enough patience to figure it all out.   I probably should have read it a couple of times more than I did.  It was more cerebral than I was expecting.  (Please give me a break – I was a teenager, for one, and I had a lot of pretensions, for another.)

But now, after Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, (which I watched a bunch of times in the past couple of weeks), it all seems so intriguing and layered and I could spend some time in this mental place.  First of all, I found the movie rewarding on multiple watches.  (Partly because it seemed like it was starting slowly, but it was actually full-on Things Happening and I wasn’t noticing and my weakness is catching names with what might be a large cast.   But once I got it, holy cow!)

W loved the whole thing about the Santa/Lenin and the singing in Russian.   He wonders if it could be a real life anecdote.  And the way they tried to make attractive actors into less attractive everyday men in non-glamorous jobs.  Also,  beautifully shot.   Some of the angles were really beautifully done.  (The scene where Smiley is talking about Karla and the shot that takes in the empty chair across from him really caught my attention.)  The usage of light was also great.  The period clothes, slow-moving archival paper pushing, the sudden, startling violence amidst the slowness, the endless smoking.  Did I mention the suits?   I love all of it.

So, yeah.  Next up might be the 80’s mini series, just to see the comparison.  (Although I’m not certain I want to enter the fandom for it.  Not ready for slash between any of the characters, even though W had ascertained something between Prideaux and Haydon in a way I didn’t.  And he doesn’t even own slash goggles!)