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summer crafting

September 4, 2012

So this is what I’ve been doing this summer.  A lot of tie-dying.  While poking around on the Internet, I saw this:  and thought, my kid would love it, and better yet, I could actually do that.   Regardless of me never having done any tie-dye ever.

Captain American Tie-Dye

This is the Captain America tie-dye.  Mine’s a little crooked, but my kid really likes it, so it’s a win. (He painted in the star stencil.)

Kid was so happy about these results, he asked for an Iron Man tie-dye.  So, I cogitated for a while and then decided on a conceptual Iron Man.

Iron Man tie-dye

Conceptual Iron Man tie-dye.

This also made kid happy.  I left the power source “arc reactor” bit white in case Henry wanted to paint it a light blue or something, but he has left it alone.

I ended up buying a big multi-color dye kit to do this and a bunch of fabric paint to do the Cap’n, so I tried some other things out.

The spider (can you see it in the center of the shirt?  It looks more like a squashed bug, but it is a neat effect) and the spiral.  Not professional, but I’m pretty happy with the results.  Tie-dye was really interesting to do, but the washing out is kind of time consuming.  Then I have to remember to be careful not to wash with other things because of the terrible amount of dye bleeding.


pesky thinky

September 1, 2012

I just finished a fic for Edgar Rice Burroughs Mars/John Carter (2012).  It’s sort of interesting to be in a fandom where the source material is largely out of copyright.  Kind of freeing.

I’ve been thinking about this because I’ve had a couple of stories for a couple of fandoms just sitting in behind my teeth that I really feeling I can’t commit to paper because the author is very anti-fanfic.  This is not a complaint.  I just have this creative impulse and now I’m trying to figure out what to do with it.  The author is the author and I want to respect their wishes.

What is funny to me is that despite these known wishes, people still write fanfic for these authors in what I feel is a fairly open way.

I can see both sides of it.  People do what they want and the likelihood of the creators finding these works are very small.  Still, the creator has expressed a strong sentiment against this.

The creators have indicated that they can’t do anything if I were, to say, share it locally with friends and family while I try to improve my craft.  (One of them might have even done the same thing.)  Thing is, I share through the internet.  So I’m wondering if the thing to do would be to write and post under a password or something.  Another thing I’m working through is how much I can twist the material around to make it an original seeming thing for pausible deniability and still make it the story I was thinking about.  Don’t know any of this yet.  The respect for authorial wishes is currently winning – but the desire to get this story out of my head is very strong.

Why can’t all the fandoms I write for be out of copyright?

Maybe I should try to get interested in some ancient myths or something.