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question for the gallery…

June 20, 2012

It isn’t a problem if you start out writing drawerfic about gladiators and then spend weeks figuring out how much you know about Pompeii, Latin, Roman citizen rights and the conquered people. Is it?

(Borrowed book on proper Latin titles and address, have activated husband’s old Latin learning, bookmarked several websites on education in ancient Rome, trying to figure out proper metals and alloys for various items.)

How does idfic transform itself into relevant society-based historical piece? This was just supposed to be for me, because I find gladiators interesting. This is how little 500 word drabbles turn into 20k mammoths. Damn it.


Unintended silences

June 17, 2012

It’s been a rough bunch of weeks.  Not packed with busy-ness, but some difficult emotional stuff.

W was out of town for nearly two weeks and I stayed in town the whole time (as opposed to going to visit some relatives), so I played single parent for a while.  Then, I realized my fest fic was due and I wasn’t anywhere near to being done.  I have managed to finish up in time (thank you, beta readers!), but was is a bit of an ass-pull.  (Probably shouldn’t have signed up, because I was on the fence about feelin’ the magic, but I can’t help it.  A challenge is also sort of tempting.)  Then there is job stuff – which started months ago and may be finally coming to a head now.

Grah.  None of that stuff is conducive to sharing, I’m sorry.  Because it’s sort of awful and depressing and I don’t want to write about that and nobody wants to read about that.  But that’s why I haven’t been keeping up.

Funny stuff later, I promise.