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quick tip, travel and clothes

August 6, 2011

I’m off to vacate somewhere for a while.  (In a manner of speaking.  I actually can’t vacate from my real responsibilities – you know, the kids.)   I’m always stressed about leaving the house for any period of time – whether it be for a weekend or more.  I want the change of scenery but I can’t stand the mental anguish of prep.  And packing for me plus two kids and consultations about everything from future weather to maps – it makes all the downer facial expressions of other parents in airports totally relatable.  I’m going to have that face too in a few hours.  But, we do the best we can.

So, I present you with a tip a friend told me.

If you’re in a hurry, you can approximate waist size by wrapping the waist around your neck. Yes, you read that correctly. It freaked me out a bit thinking about how my neck is 1/2 the circumference of my waist, but then I tried it. It’s about right. She also added that people would look at you funny, but if it saves me time in the store while the kids are melting down, I will totally do it.

(I’m thinking about this while I’m packing.  Why am I thinking about new clothes while I’m packing?  Is it because all the ads for back-to-school are coming out?  Is it the fantasy of buying stuff while we’re away because I hate packing so much?  Is it because having young children in the climate in which I live is sort of like purchasing a new wardobe for them every 3-6 months hence, I’m always thinking about new clothes?)


crazed laughter from internet sources

August 1, 2011

Okay, people.  I know you warned me – that wikipedia knows nothing about Korea or Koreans, really, but I stumbled across this entry and it made me laugh.

(from Korean birthday celebrations, and I have cut and pasted in case it gets edited, because this is just too good:)

Coming-of-age rites

A less well-known birthday celebration is when a boy or girl of the Confucian faith reaches their adult age (20 for the boy and 15 for the girl). When a boy turned into an adult he would tie his hair into a top knot and be given a kat (traditional cylindrical Korean hat made of horsehair). He would be required to lift a heavy rock as a test of his strength. If he can lift and move the rock, he is considered a man. A girl would become an adult by rolling her braided hair into a chignon bun and fixing it with a long ornamental hairpin (pinyo).[10]


And I am trying to figure out a way to ask my dad if he “moved his big rock” without busting a gut.  Because I know my brother didn’t move that rock.  Hooo.  Ha-ha.

Also, don’t ya think that the way a girl becomes a woman is sort of, anti-climatic?  Shouldn’t she do something like, I don’t know – cut down a big-ass tree or dig a well or move a slightly smaller boulder or something?

On a sober note – this isn’t very funny at all – my father was in the army at 20, after a childhood spent in wartime.  Eesh.  (He was probably doing dumber stuff than this for the higher-ups.)