when the moon forgot

I really love this book and its’ illustrations.

I knew the book was translated.  And translations are never really as good as the original.  But since Henry liked it, and I liked it enough to withstand the dozens and dozens of re-reads (so far), I thought this was a winner.

Then I made the mistake of trying to find something similar online – perhaps by the same author.  But I am annoyed that a reviewer burst my happiness bubble by calling the book a bad translation and saying it was missing bits, even a lot of pages.

So now I’ve got to figure out if I want to see how the Korean editions look/read, since I know no Chinese whatsoever.  On the upside,  I get to test my Korean and fulfill that really irritating book collecting/set completist/comparist part of me; on the downside, it will still be a translation and may still suffer from the English language edition deficits, it’s not cheap (why do foreign language books have to be so expensive?), and I’ll be the only one who would enjoy it, if my language skills are up to par.

Grrr.   I just wanted to be happy in my ignorance, is that so wroooong?

(Someone also pointed out that the Harry Potter books as printed by Scholastic aren’t word for word the same ones printed in the UK – but geez.   Leave me alone, you dream-killers.)

EDITED to note: The book, when found on Naver.com in the Korean language edition, is something like 150 pages, with the English version clocking in at 80 pages.  Since this is a picture book, for the most part (and not just playing around with font size), I’m really going to have to think about it, because something is definitely missing.  Crud.



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