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milk for vampires

December 23, 2010

Was sick yesterday, hence no update.   Bad flare-up.  Enough.

I bring you something short, marginally related.

I am lactose intolerant, and have discovered that even a small slice of cheese cake can have serious repercussions. Cheesecake isn’t my favorite, but I have a co-worker who is frickin’ magic with one, and he brought in TWO for the holidays.  So I had a small slice.  And paid the price.  Glurgh.

Then we were watching the commercial for the Eclipse movie.

And W said something, and I thought he said “can you imagine being a vampire?” And I thought, “No way. Because what if I were a vampire and still lactose intolerant?  Lactose intolerant for all eternity?!  No way.  What if I sucked on somebody’s blood who had just had a glass of milk, I’d be in serious trouble!”  (He was actually talking about something else entirely – like laundry.)

Also, I can’t take the movie French Kiss seriously – just to get it off my chest.  It’s the scene right after  Meg Ryan eats all the yummy French cheeses, and then her lactose intolerance kicks in and she started hollering “the mucus!  The mucus!”  Let me tell you – it ain’t the mucus that’s at issue here, hon.


beautiful days

December 21, 2010

Well. I finally found evidence this show exists, thank goodness.  I thought I had gone a little nuts there.

Notice, though, how it can also be known as “Belle.”

Now to consider if I want to see the whole series – there’s 150ish episodes.  That’s a lot of time.  Hmmm.  Also there’s a fee per view, if I understand the website correctly.  (Which is okay, if the video is subbed and I can watch only the last episode and not have to buy some package or something annoying like that.  And magical fairies swing by to do the housework.)  But I don’t get how this item can only be 30 minutes long.

I just want to point out that I’m not the only one who was jonesing to find out what happened at the end.  In some of the forums I went to, there’s a number of people asking where to find this online.  (Many of these requests seem to come from the Philippines, where a typhoon was causing brown-outs the night that last episode was supposed to air.  That would drive me totally crazy.)

stormy weather

December 20, 2010

The weather the last couple of weeks hasn’t been very good – cold, cold, cold, snow, snow, snow.  With some wind.  Brrrr.  As part of my eternal fascination with Canadians, I ask, rhetorically, how do they handle this kind of weather all the time?

I guess it’s time to stop hanging clothes outside to dry.  Just kidding.  I actually stopped sometime in October.  But before it started snowing on Halloween (that snow did not stay).  W took the line down around Thanksgiving.  A friend of mine busts on her mother for hanging out clothes all winter – she grew up dealing with clothes that were freeze-dried.  Talk about brrrr.

In other news:  I just unloaded two shopping bags of  gently used clothes/shoes for an educational mission to Uganda (not church sponsored), and a large educational toy to Toys for Tots.

To keep the balance of Things Coming Into the House vs Things Leaving – I post this piece:   I bought some second-hand clothes.  Stuff that it annoys the piss out of me to pay retail for: kids snow boots and snow pants.  I don’t know why this ticks me off in the manner it does – only that snow boots and snow pants are  so expensive, and they’re often not worn more than a handful of times before they’re grown out of, so the average price per wear is pretty high.  Then, with Henry being in pre-k half the day and day care the other half, they’ve asked for us to leave snow pants and boots at each location.  Add a set for home (because you know I’ll forget to bring them home when we get trapped at the house the weekend of the Big Snow).  That’s 3 sets!  Crap!  That’s really expensive!

So yeah.  I love winter’s magical freezing spendy touch.

the worst version of telephone ever

December 19, 2010

A couple of weeks ago, Henry had to go to the hospital for the second time this year.

As I was picking him up from daycare, some kid was really aggressively affectionate and pushed him into a sharp sticking-out corner.  He started crying his brains out, I was trying to soothe him, and I patted his head (a few inches over his ear) and my hand came up all bloody. I might have said “OH MY GOD!” but I can’t remember.

Somebody handed me some paper towels, which I packed onto his head.  They asked me if I wanted an ambulance, but I said no, the hospital is really just around the corner.  I had Henry hold the paper towels to his head, but realized he wouldn’t be able to hold it onto him during the whole trip.  So I opened the bag of extra clothes we had there, grabbed an extra pair of underpants, pulled them over his head.  I got him into his coat and shoes and I carried him into the car, hollering to the people there to please call W and tell him we weren’t going to be home,  and we went to the hospital.

Henry cried a lot, but settled down some as we waited in the ER.  He was super anxious about anybody getting near the underpants on his head – saying things like “Don’t touch my underwear!” any time somebody even looked at it.  We got checked in, and the blood was still a bit oozy.  I only realized at that point how much blood was on my coat – but it’s not like I could leave him to wash it off.

We waited in the ER for an hour, with the nurse checking on us periodically.  Then we waited in a room for another hour before the doctor put a staple in Henry’s head.  W visited with Baby Girl J, as did the AA from daycare.  Henry really seemed okay, if fragile.  The doctor confirmed this, saying that A) head and scalp wounds bleed a lot, and B) if anything serious had happened to Henry, he wouldn’t be nearly as wiggly and curious.

The upshot is that Henry had a single staple in his head for a week, a day at home chilling to videos of diesel engines, and I am very grateful that things turned out okay.

The thing that seems funny in retrospect is retelling the story to my parents.  I told my dad, whose English is pretty good (I have a habit of trying out my Korean and then repeating in English).  He seemed a little upset, but calmed down once he realized Henry was okay, but told me my mom would want to talk to me once she got home.

An hour later, my sister calls (she was with my mom) and wants the whole story again, and again, and asks all sorts of details (she’s a nurse so I figure her questions mean something) in English.  Also, her Korean is better than mine, so I figure she’ll have a good way of describing stuff to my mom.  She was also asked me a bunch of times whether the staple was in hair territory or on the face – because then Henry would need a plastic surgeon.  It was in hair, so no problem.

Twenty minutes later, my mom calls and wants me to repeat the whole story – in English and Korean – after my dad and my sister have already given her the low-down.  How many times does she need to hear the story?  (By the way, how many times do I have to hear that head wounds bleed a lot?  I was an EMT.  I KNOW.  I know people are only trying to be comforting and have something to say, but that particular phrase is not comforting.  Even in Korean.  Or especially in Korean.)

So the first time Henry went to the hospital this year was because he had walking pneumonia and they wanted a chest x-ray to confirm.  Scary.  A whack of antibiotics cleared that up within a week.  Modern medicine is awesome.

But between the pneumonia and the head wound – my poor Henry.

On a side note – a friend of my commented that when it was all the thing for guys to shave their heads, she noticed how many had numerous scars, nicks, knots, bumps and dings.  Probably from stuff just like this.

Kdrama llama

December 18, 2010

So this image to say how much television means to my parents – except the stuff they don’t understand.  They watch a lot of tv.  But my sister put it all into perspective for me: ” Imagine not having tv for 25 years.  Then getting 4 channels, 24 hours a day.  You’d watch a lot of tv, too.  I know I would.”  You’re right, sister.  I would.

I’m still all bothered about the Kdrama I never got to finish watching when I was at my parents’ house 2.5 years ago.  I wonder how it all turned out – the girl who got assaulted and the guy who bailed on her because of said assault, the girl who was adopted as a child and the person who was supposed to be watching over her family money stole it and his son, her boyfriend (who didn’t know his father was a crook), the family that raised the adopted girl, the family of the boyfriend, the Miss Korea with the illegitimate child and her husband who didn’t know about the child, even the guys who worked in the movie house that was run by the crook.  It’s all too much for me.  It kills me never knowing how something ended. I don’t even like melodrama, but it is a burden to me.

I’ve even looked for it online.  Of course, the trouble with looking for something that was in another language  way after the fact is that even if I remember the English title correctly (which I sort of doubt now), the name by which it is most popularly known is a mystery to me.  Translations would not help – lots of times the translation is nowhere related to the title (as my favorite example, “Pretty Woman” was translated to something like “I’m a Hooker and You’re Rich” in some Chinese language markets.  I swear.  I heard it on NPR, so it must be true.).  Plus, it’s been a while since it aired, if summer 2008 was even its original air date.  Crap.  (If you can help, I remember the title being something like “Beautiful Days” and the setting was ~15-20 years after the end of the Korean War.  Please help.)

On the positive end, my father got really wound up trying to explain the denoument to me – which was funny, and cute.  I didn’t even know he was awake while it was on (he lay on the couch with his eyes at half-mast), and even if he did, that he actually cared about the show.  That old softy, who loves his tv.

EDITED to add: It sucks because there is a “Beautiful Days” of that same airing period that is NOT the show I’m interested in.

recent favorite quote

December 17, 2010

“I know I tell you kids a lot of inappropriate things,” (followed by, ” but there’s no way in hell I’m telling you that).”  From the show How I Met Your Mother.

I was going to put up a funny image I had made, but I am apparently too bass ackward to figure out how.  But soon.  I just have to venture into the help to learn what else I’m failing at while I get this little piece of information.  Eeek.

Also, I just saw the ad for the movie Eclipse and it made me laugh out loud.  SO INTENSE.

4 hours in NYC

December 16, 2010

I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago with the fam and the SIL. We took the train, because Henry loves the train, even though it was a little more of a hassle.  We started off the Columbus exit off the PATH, went to the Fire Museum of NYC, wandered around, ate lunch and ended up getting back on the PATH at World Trade Center.  A lot of walking for the little guy – and I especially forgot how the winds get channeled down the streets.  He was tired but too excited to sleep.  He kept asking about where the conductor was going and where we going to stop – but in a purely informational way.  He did not want to get off the train.  He passed out in the 2 minutes we were in the car heading to my parents’ house.

Anyway, in deciding where to eat lunch, I learned something – that restaurants in NYC get cleanliness grades now.  Someone noticed a “B” restaurant, which was considered interesting, because that was the first that person had seen – everything was an “A” or not yet given.  We ate at Spring St Natural – something for everyone!  (By the way, they had an “A.”  The meal was also pretty good.)

I also figured out we’re squarely in the “ordering stuff that’s not on the menu” demographic.  Until I had kids, I never did this.   I always settled – never made a fuss.  But now, I make it a point to get exactly what it is I’m asking for.   I’m haven’t gone MAD with power or anything.  Now, if something’s not on the menu, but the kids would eat something in the same group, I will feel free to ask.  For example, if there are fancy omelets available, I will ask for simple scrambled eggs.  Or complicated paninis = grilled cheese.  Or milk – which tends not to be on as many menus as one might like – which is something I don’t understand.  Because as much as I might like my kid to eat a turkey/apple/walnut with cranberry/orange chutney on black bread made with twigs and leaves (W’s words), they ain’t gonna.  I like eating in public without all the screaming of crushed food dreams, thank you.  (I know, weak parenting.  You can take it up with me offline.)

Anyway, the meal was good, the kids liked the scrambled eggs and grilled cheese and milk.  Then baby J boldly snatched some of the brown rice/seitan/mushroom in ginger-lime-black bean sauce off my plate, so happiness all around.

Ray Romano, my hero!

December 15, 2010

I had an odd dream the other night.   But always, I try to find the plot thread.  You can play the game too.

I was at work at an odd industrial/governmental place.  It was around Thanksgiving, so people brought in dishes to pass – but they were all turkey dishes.  There was a deep-fried turkey, a turkey made of mashed tofu and carrots, a turkey made of sausages of various animal meats with a ricotta base (but to be fair, it was more of a lasagna).  So we’re all eating, and then an ex-boyfriend (the Stalker) climbs in through the window.

Everybody scatters and starts running.  (I never did get to try the fried turkey.)   We all end up running on this immense grassland, that has a rock fence around the perimeter.  So I meet up with some people, who are running for their own reasons – it’s like a game they’re playing and they’re trying to play a prank on their friend.

The friend shows up, and it turns out it’s Ray Romano.  (What!  I love Ray, doesn’t everybody?  But he’s never shown up in my dreams before.)  And here’s the odd, very specific thing – he smelled a little musty, like the 900-920 section in the small library in the town I grew up in.  Not bad, just distinctly musty.

Ray figures out he’s the butt of the joke, laughs uncomfortably, and then takes off to chase my ex-boyfriend away.  Ray Romano saved me!  (But I feel like he’s sort of my dad figure, even though secretly, I think some parts of him are just like me – but the character of Debra in the tv show was too mean to him.)

So anyway, if anybody can figure this one out, I’ll bake you cookies.

fic analogy

December 14, 2010

I’ve come up with an analogy. This weekend, I was sitting in a coffeeshop, eating lunch with the family, and somebody was singing and playing guitar at the back.

Then I realized: coffeeshop singers = fanfic writers!

I don’t even know if coffeeshop singers get paid or if they’re “just happy to have the audience.”  The large majority of them are mediocre, some are laughably bad (remember Phoebe in Friends?), with the occasional good ones you come across  and are surprised by and go back to see, and the very rare, very good one you wonder “why haven’t they gone professional and do their own material?”

I think the big deal about Tracy Chapman wasn’t that she came from coffeehouses – it was that she came from performing in coffeehouses and actually made the leap to pro performance successfully.

And the guy playing in the coffee house?  Not very good.  Won’t be making the leap.  (Sorry, but true.)

I FAIL at blogging

December 13, 2010

I haven’t done diddly administratively regarding this blog – so the least I could do was snazzy-up the title.  Make it snappy – and funny and maybe a little less generic.  So I go over the help.  While there, as I read the how-to, I realize – I am failing at blogging.  Sorry guys.

Apparently, I was supposed to have a topic for this blog (besides me and all the happy thoughts I have).  They even suggest some exercises to figure out your topic, and then they have you diagram it.  Crap.  My feeling is to not do it – I’m already a couple of years into this, and I don’t want to let it go or change it significantly.  I just don’t have time to blog much more frequently.

My initial idea on starting this was 1) keep up with some friends, 2) have a record/journal of sorts of this time period.  I suppose I could stretch that into a blog topic – but it’s not awesome.  And what’s worse is that there is no way that could be make into a snappy name – like I wanted in the first place.

So the best I can do right now is either “it’s all in the wording.”  Which is better than “my blog/record/journal for all me friends.”

I’ll keep working at the snap – and maybe you’ll see changes at some point.