the adorable

1.  We were talking about Halloween and picking pumpkins and then Henry says, “You share them with people you love.”

2.  Henry pronounces pumpkins as “pumpmins.”  It is so frickin’ adorable.  I don’t want to correct it.  W tried (although I was against it), with this result:  Henry yelling, “PumpMINS!  PUMPMINS!”  Heehee.

3.  J was looking at a picture of a spoon in a book – and then she pushed her face against the page to try to eat from it.  She licked it a couple times to make sure it wasn’t real.

4.  Now, J likes book of various animals.  Each page has a picture of an animal and then the sound it makes, so for example, there’s picture of a dog and “bow wow” is printed next to it.  She does a lot of the sounds now.  W does this sort of thing for a party trick – we went to the Fire Museum of NYC and there were some model horses, and when these were pointed out to her, J said, “Neigh.”  The funniest thing to me is how satisfied and happy she seemed to make the noise.  Babies can be fun!  (besides the pooping erratically and crying and constant attendance.)

5.  Henry has a habit of minding other people’s business (and I’m sorry about it – it’s a genetic failing.  Nobody in my family is capable keeping to ourselves.  As a side note, because of this, at school, Henry is constantly reminded to “Worry about yourself.”  So when he’s on the verge of being scolded for bossing around J, he’ll say, “I’m worrying about myself.”).

5a.  Anyway, so when he’s out and about he might notice some kid on a skateboard without a helmet and start crying out, “It’s not safe!  Not safe!”  and then proceed to describe, at top volume, exactly why that kid is not safe.  But on the flip side, he’s very interested in being safe.   So he’s pretty conscientious about keeping his seat belt on, or putting on his biking helmet, and doesn’t complain about it, which is nice.

6.  A couple of months ago, Henry started a new phase of interest about safety and the human body.  So, following this, he was concerned about medicine.  And when he hurt himself (a bump that led to a bruise), Henry was very distinct about how he wouldn’t be bleeding, and definitely not bleeding body blood.


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