Presentation expectation

I’m an adult, okay?  Really.  So why the hell do I feel like I have to get a haircut when I’m about to visit my parents house?  Ugh.  I’m trying to make an appointment (phone’s busy) at my local cuttery and it’s a pain.

Part of it is marrying a guy who only cuts his hair on two occasions – important social events (seeing his parents, seeing my parents, weddings and funerals), and important work events (conferences, big meetings).  Since he almost ways takes Henry to get his hair cut, I suppose Henry is also getting this imprinting.

I just want to be oblivious, show up at my mom’s house, have her harass me about the haircut and be done with it.  If she’s busy harassing me about the haircut, then maybe she’ll let some other thing slide.  There’s always hoping, right?

I like having short hair – I hate getting my hair cut.  It’s easy having short hair.  Keeping up the maintenance on a short cut, not so easy.  If there was some contraption that allowed me to stick my head in the sink/vacuum/lamp/appliance and get on with my day and not deal with the appointment, interrupting my day, and talking to the stylist about what I want, I’d totally do it.  Maybe I should make a visit to the men’s barbershop – something for fast and cheap would be my style today.  I don’t even care what it looks like, much.  I always hate it anyway, for the first week or so.

Man.  It’s a hassle.  (I know there used to be a real Suck’n’Cut – the Flowbee – and I actually knew somebody who owned one.  He bought it, loved it, wanted to buy accessories, and found out the company went out of business.  He was still using it though, years later.  I am so jealous of this guy now, you won’t believe.)



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