pain in the neck

Yes. That’s right. I have one. It’s actually extending through my shoulders and upper back. It’s from sleeping wrong, I think. I lifted a couple of heavy things yesterday, but nothing unusually heavy. (And by heavy, I mean heavy to me. It’s not like I picked up a small car by myself or anything like that.) I’ll admit it – it was a couple of boxes of books.  The only thing I think I’m good for today is staying inside and lying down, or staring at a computer screen and occasionally pecking away at a computer screen.  The things I shouldn’t be doing today are driving, leaving the house, or doing anything that requires me to be aware of my surroundings, because it hurts so much to turn my head from side to side.

Anyway, I think this is all part and parcel of getting older – which sort of sucks. As an insult to my injury – I see a podiatrist now. Because my feet hurt – he called it dancer’s foot, but, geez.   I’m not a dancer.  He also called it runner’s foot.  Negatory, Doc.  You’re not looking at a runner, here.  He made me tell him the story of how I hurt it over and over – I think it’s because he doesn’t believe it.  It’s so stupid, I don’t believe it either.  I was just walking down the stairs and then I think “ow!  My foot hurts.”  That it.

And the podiatrist’s waiting room is the worst place in the world for feeling young and spry.  The next youngest person there was an elderly lady with a walker and her sister.  I could feel age creeping up on me in that waiting room – because that is my cohort of people with foot pain.

Just getting old.  Sigh.  Off to do the other thing that’s possible in my condition and lie down.


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