I’m fine, how’re you?

Today, fanfic cost me money.  They (the librarians in the guise of “the man”) caught up with me.   I had to pay library overdue fines for some things I’d been holding on to, for too long.   Sigh.  I know it’s all my fault, but still.  20¢ a day for 5 books is pretty steep.

In other penalty news – my traffic ticket trauma is over.  I attended court a couple of times, corresponded with the ADA, paid a $20 fine and an $85 court fee (cash only), and got 2 points on my license instead of the potential 3-4.

The judge did make sure to tell me that I could go to trial, but I didn’t want to go to court again – it’s just such a hassle.  (I know I’ll pay for it in increased insurance costs, but believe me, you’d pay almost anything not to have to go to court again either.)  Besides, of the cop shows up, I’d get stuck with the whole thing, so eh.  I’m taking the deal and running with it.  Then, trying to be nice, the judge asked me what school I was going to.  School?!  I’m heading into my forties -!  But still, he was trying, so I just told him I was working.

And the stories from my sitting around in court – goodness!  Where I was, there was no separate traffic court.   I went where everybody goes.   There was the guy who called the public defender the “public pretender,” the waiting-room faux-lawyers who discussed the potential outcomes of various drug charges (alleged), the guy wearing the green, red and white “Lucky Irish” flannel pajama pants who probably wasn’t all that lucky because dude, he was in court with me, the girl who cried calling her momma because she couldn’t make bail because she didn’t have money and then tried to get her momma to call out of her BlackBerry.  I just have this one piece of advice – dress reasonably – and it seemed like the judge treated that as a sign of seriousness – unlike “Lucky Irish.”


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