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“The space between dream and reality”

September 30, 2010

Two-dream blog entry.

I had a bad dream – I was in the jungle, and my arm hurt.  I looked down, and there was a parasite (like the head on a tapeworm with a short segmented body) sucking all the blood out of my arm.  I woke up, about to flail around, and I look down and there’s Baby Girl J, sleeping in the crook of my arm, sucking on skin of the inside of my arm.  W found that hilarious.  It was actually sort of gross.

I had a weirdo dream just last night.  I was one of two brothers, and there was a bad one and a good one (me).  There was some inheritance we had to get to by opening up a cabinet (there was a fat woman secretary hovering in the background).  Both of us had to open it up – or I made the other guy do it, I can’t remember – and once it was opened, a huge cobra jumped out.  It bit the secretary, it bit the bad brother, and I wrestled it down to the floor and duct taped the mouth shut, like you do with crocodiles.  Then, oddly, I became the secretary, whose body was transformed by the bite of the cobra into something more svelte,  and the good brother turned into a rippling-muscular blue-skinned Krishna.  Some cinematic hugging and kissing followed.

Why would I have a dream about Krishna?  I grew up going to a Presbyterian church.  Everything else I can understand – I had just seen an episode of Mythbusters about duct tape, and I had been frantically looking for some receipts that day, and who doesn’t love a show about crocodiles being captured?  But Krishna?  All buff and romantic?  It doesn’t fit into my background mythology.  I know nothing about him or the Hindu religion.  But maybe it’s because my deep internal brain finds the concept of a ripply-muscled, romantical Jesus blasphemous.  (I’m kidding, because I’m mostly agnostic now, but still.  Weird.)

I’m wondering about this series of dreams anyway – because I have been mulling over a story prompt “Thirty kisses challenge 6. the space between dream and reality” or something like that.  It’s all supposed to have a kiss in it – which the Krishna dream did, but the parasite dream did not (unless you consider sucking out blood a kiss, and as I’m not in the school of thought that considers vampires sexy – my answer would be no.)


Time away from blog busy-ness

September 28, 2010

I’ve been super busy recently – it’s been a little mind-boggling how busy.

Traffic ticket takes super amounts of time to deal with.

Henry had his fourth birthday, and we don’t really do a party, but we do some similar activities – going to his favorite restaurant (I didn’t have a favorite restaurant at age 4, because my parents never go out, but that’s neither here nor there), having ice-cream cake at my mother’s house with all his cousins, bringing treats into school.  He started pre-k.

Baby Girl J has had her first birthday party – and that’s a big deal at me madre’s house, and we have to get a traditional Korean outfit, and all of the shopping, all that stuff.  She started up in the 1-year-old room at daycare.  They love her and call her a “squish.”

I have been back and forth at the car dealership because of a funny noise.  Turns out several brakes were bad – and one had to be machined.  More noise.  But intermittent.  Which is always a joy for the car repair guys to figure out. After some back and forth, it turns out that the entirety of the exhaust system/catalytic converter developed a crack due to manufacturer’s defect.  It all had to be replaced.  Took several days.  Pain in the ass.

W goes on a trip for several days – and I”m home with the kids.  A friend (who is lovely, but she made me totally paranoid) demanded that I lock the doors every time I’m in the house – this made me very concerned that I shouldn’t have the kids outside – ever.  But then W came back home and things are starting to get back to normal.

Then Henry gets sick – and after a certain number of sick days, we take him to the doctor.  Find out he’s got walking pneumonia.  He’s currently on a course of antibiotics and seems on the mend.

Oh, and work is killing me.  It is literally sitting in front of a computer compiling stuff.  Not interesting compiling like computer programs – at least there’s the pretense of excitement – compiling like putting together facts and figures.   Boring stuff that leads to carpal tunnel.   But there’s a sh*tload of it, because I’d been sort of ignoring it until just before Labor day because I was part-time until then.  But now, it’s time to pay the piper.  (the ferryman?)  This sort of work does not inspire me to come home and blog.

But I did it for my friend, my blog-fan,  J.

So here you go, J.  I hope you’re satisfied as to what I’ve done with my time.  I was genuinely busy.  (Okay?  Still friends?)

Oh, and I’ve been pecking away at a story.  Not certain what to do with it – but it’s got my imagination right now, and I’m trying to tie it all up in a big red bow, but it is resisting with the strength of a thousand suns – so when I do “write” it’s mostly just sitting in front of a lit computer screen staring at the words and thinking about how it all will come together.  Because I get a good idea in the shower and then forget it after my hair gets toweled off.  But that’s another problem.

Oh, and another thing – I read a book.  I really did.  (Maybe I mentioned this already somewhere.  I forget.)  Water for Elephants. Pretty good.  (Perhaps you should get used to hearing about this book – because I am the tiresome sort that reads one book a year and talks about it until I read another one – which won’t be until sometime in the middle of 2011.)

Analysis on any  or many of these items will follow somewhat erratically in the future.