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August 26, 2010

Got a speeding ticket today.  So upset I can’t even tell you.  I hate this.  Not to brag, but I am pretty law-abiding.  This makes me feel terrible.

I kept trying to think of what a hero would do and I have to tell you, I came up empty.  (Because my fandoms don’t deal with reality.  Naruto is not driving a car, but he would probably whine and bitch about getting a speeding ticket if he did.  And the Chipmunks – they don’t drive.)

I just kept thinking of everything that I shouldn’t do – don’t unbuckle your seatbelt, don’t move quickly, don’t get out of the car, etc.  Just don’t provoke the guy, was my thinking.

Do I appear in court, do I plead guilty, what do I do?  So upset.  Sigh.


My real One True Pair

August 16, 2010

I just spent 20 minutes checking out the Chipmunks ads for their movie “Squeakquel.”   Totally embarrassed to admit it, but I couldn’t stop watching.  This is what my sister intends on getting her 5-year old son for his birthday – for goodness’ sake!

You know what?  I think I discovered my One True Pair of all Pairs.  Jeanette and Simon.  Really.  No foolin’.   Simon and Jeanette seemed so awesome when I watched them on tv when I was a kid.  Smart, tall, she’s clumsy and he’s responsible, what more could they want?  I don’t know if they ever really got together, but it seemed like a great idea.

(In thinking about it, Theodore and Eleanore seem like a cute couple also.  But Alvin and Brittany could never have gotten together – their egos would never allow for it.  And an adult thought on this would be – why can’t Eleanore have wound up with Alvin?  Or Theodore with Brittany?  Similar physical stature does not necessarily dictate best relations.  But that’s something else again.)

I maintain that this does not make me a furry, nor does it do anything negative to my memories of childhood.

I am ashamed of how strongly it all came back to me, though.  My little girl’s heart screams:  Jeanette and Simon – Forevah! (drawn in a heart composed of pink glittery lip gloss.)

The bonus of watching the video on youtube was that I could actually figure out what the words to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” were, if you’re of the type to think that’s a bonus.

People who know me through my Naruto fandom – I’m sorry.   (It’s not like people ever thought I was cool, but this just confirms how dorky I am.)

Ready, set, go!

August 11, 2010

I’ve just thought of a new competitive sport.

Xtreme laundry-hanging!  Bear with me.

All competitors get the same amount of laundry (same items, washed identically, and then weighed).  They hang it as fast as possible on a line – or rotary.  (A rotary adds a certain flair, I think.)  After a certain time period – they get judged on how dry things were.  Close calls can be weighed to determine winners.

Style points for hanging particularly hard items, like shirts with collars, or heavy blankets.  Things like usage of clothespins may or may not effect outcome.

What do you think?  (Aside from the fact that I was in a panic hanging up clothes this morning so I could get to work on time for a meeting.  This might be the only nice day this week, so I booked it.)

Comics 2 – New Mutant Girl

August 9, 2010

I reached some milestone – I think it was my first real comic.   I was 10 or 12.   It turned out to be a Marvel.  And I was hooked, I guess.  When I was thinking about life as a teen, I really thought about it in one way.

Mutants.  X-men and most important of all, the New Mutants.  (I have no idea how cool this is anymore – probably very uncool, if my trajectory of taste runs true to past experience.)

I mean, outcast teenagers with crazy power?  That was a combination true feeling and fantasy all wrapped up in one.   Being a total freak, and then your powers lash out?  Plus, there’s minorities!  Awesome squared, with sparkles!  (which might look something like this:( (Freaks(Npowers)+minorities= A^2*** – this would probably look better with real super/sub scripts.  Sorry.  Geez, I am a nerd.)

My brother thought Cannonball was the only useful one.  With the possible exception of Warlock.  I, myself, was deeply invested in Rahne, who was something of a werewolf but unbelievably insecure.  But it did bother me on occasion when she was in wolf form and they made her boobs kind of big – I mean, I knew was just a kid and the comics might have been written for someone a little older than me, but geez, Rahne wasn’t supposed to be much older than me and to have boobs like that – I don’t know.  Made me uncomfortable, in a bad way.

And then there was Cypher – the dude whose superpower was the ability to read/understand any language seemed totally useless – until the time came when the instructions to save the world from some super-awful alien megabomb were only in an ancient, lost Venusian dialect written on the bomb itself.  Oh, Cypher.  You were set up to be the butt of many a joke in the future.

I would run to the stationary store each month to pick up the next issue.  I didn’t dare get a subscription – it would have been hard to ask my father for some hard-earned cash for a comic.  (Thinking back on it, it probably would have been fine, except I knew, even then, that comics weren’t taken seriously by larger American society, and I was an even more an outlier as a girl reading such things.)

This state of affairs didn’t last long – other stuff happened.   I think this was shortly before Doug/Cypher died.   I don’t even know what was going on in my life.  I just got busy or couldn’t get any more issues.  When I tried to pick up it up again after some skips, I found that I was totally not in the right mind-set anymore.  It was sort of sad.  I tried a couple of other series as well (if not for very long) but nothing created the same interest or feeling.

Now, I find that the run of the comic when I was interested has all sorts of meta attached to it.  The “Chris Claremont” run –  the various artists – the additions and subtractions of new/old characters.   It’s interesting – because I’m still interested, but only in the same episodes that I read as a kid.  All this other stuff has happened in the two decades since I last cared – and boy, that’s  a lot to keep up with.  I’d rather not – just too much.  Plus, all the internet crying over all this stuff – I just can’t take.  I just want to enjoy it, rethink about the intensity at which I desired a story, and find out what happens.

Of course, that’s the problem with comics.  They never end, so I’ll never be satisfied with how things go.  Maybe that’s the grace of having left when I did – Cypher’s being bumped off allowed me to end on that note.