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bad business

March 25, 2010

I just deleted a rant that had been sitting on this blog, in draft form, for the better part of a year.

Sometimes, it’s just better to just sit on something like that – and then dump it. Otherwise, the choler will just get to you.

It’s not because I want to present a false front of self – it’s because the rant didn’t make me happy. I was kind of clever – but mostly sort of mean and cheap. (Which is funny enough in its own way, but I want to rise above it sometimes.   Sometimes.)

I’m obviously not a saint – because here I am telling you about my rising above it – but I’m also wondering at the idea of showing personality in a blog.  This isn’t like somebody at work, who you see all the time and have an idea of what their personality is.  The only part of me you’d know are my words, which would be unpleasant.  Nobody wants to return to that.  I don’t want to fake it either as being all sunshine and light (which I’m not), but still.  My sense of self and self-control should be above this sort of thing.

I did talk to someone about it – and that was good enough.

Then, I ran across this:  (thank you, dmacabre for the link).  In summary, some published writer gets one bad review and freaks the f* out.  Whew!  I have no  comment on the book itself – I haven’t read and based on summaries, it’s not my cup of tea.

Thank goodness I kept my waaaahhh!nk to myself!


Baltimore – b’more!

March 24, 2010

Beautiful weather today.

Am hoping it continues.  Last couple of weeks have been mild and nice, even if the nights were cold.

We went to Baltimore for most of a week recently – and because we were at a conference for W’s job, I couldn’t spend much time online (that and watching the kids and being touristy and meeting up with friends and relatives).  I got in contact with friends I hadn’t seen in nearly 20 years.  Geez.  I used to think people who said things like that were really old.  Well, guess what?  I’m really really old.

The bad:  It rained like you wouldn’t believe, so we were holed up in the hotel a fair amount, venturing out only if really desperate.  I had a headache for a couple of days because I didn’t want to go out and get some meds.

The good:  Baltimore, despite being  a city that has seen some bad times, was pretty awesome.  The National Aquarium was really smartly put together.  I went to Lexington Marketplace, and  I love those kinds of places (covered markets of all different kinds of vendors).  I had Faidley’s jumbo lump crabcakes (crabby and delicious and lumpy and deserving of all the accolades).  Went to the science center with Henry and Babygirl J – W got excited and dinosaury with Henry.   (Unfortunately, it didn’t have much of a mineral collection.)

Best of all, we went to the B&O Railroad Museum.  That place is frickin’ awesome.  Half of that place would make a great museum.  If we lived anywhere near there, we would become members for sure.  (I didn’t understand becoming a member to anything until I had children.  Of course, before I had children, I would have never been in a position to attend, much less rate, train museums.)

Bonus props to the dude selling “halal street food” out of a cart behind the hotel.  The gyro and mixed grill plates with hot and white sauce were really good.  I’d do something serious to be able to have a cart like that near where I live.

Is it me or did this post become all about what I ate on this trip?

$ store

March 12, 2010

I like the dollar store.

Let me temper that, because that is a bit strong.

I’m not scared of it anymore.  I mean, I’m still a little weirded out about going into it – it’s not very nice (meaning not a boutique or anything but still clean if oddly stocked) and all (I think going into a Walmart is still a bit of a downer, but that’s because W and I get into a fight almost every time we go into one – but that’s something else again) – but it is perfect for some stuff I needed.  That stuff being some cleaning supplies and some toddler activity/craft items.

I think the dollar store’s tactic of packaging smaller then average amounts of stuff really works out for me.  Henry’s daycare had a holiday party and I volunteered to bring cups and plates. I bought just enough for the class – because usually, you buy the pack and then you’ve got a million “Lordy Look Who’s 40” plates after the party.

I saw one on TV ( I think it was in NYC) that had a frozen food sections with shrimp and stuff.   The dollar store here is not like that.  I don’t think I’d buy food from our dollar store – but in a pinch, I could see some of the canned stuff or the spices being okay.

The thing I can’t believe is that there is generic Rid-X.  Rid-X, for those in urban areas, is the stuff you flush down the toilet to add extra bacteria to your septic system in the hopes the yucky won’t back up into the house and require your whole yard to be dug up.  (Yes, that is how septic systems work.  Think about the name.  Septic.)

Anyway, generic Rid-X.  I can’t believe it.  It never occurred to me that Rid-X had cornered the market on waste-eating bacteria, but there you go.  A dollar store first.

(Puts that $2 I got back from the purchasing dept into perspective, let me tell you.)

songfic = wrongfic?

March 8, 2010

There’s this book inspired by the songs of the Smiths.

I freely admit that maybe I got the book intent/content wrong, but I thought songfics were frowned on by fandom – and I certainly hated the majority of songfic I’ve had the misfortune to stumble upon.

Terminology moment:  Songfics being stories that basically wrap a story around a song, or vice versa.

(Which might be a little weird considering that I am writing a long historical piece that features a lot of songs, but I think it’s different – yes, yes, some might consider that hypocritical, but really –  I’m trying to use the songs like movies do – as background, or leitmotifs.  Truly.)  Songfics only work if you know the song – and it seems I never know the song or else think it is totally wrong for the purposes of the fic.  Sorry songfic writers.  I really am.

Anyway – this dude got an anthology published, and didn’t even really bother to get permission from the Smiths as far as I can tell.  Haven’t read it, don’t intend to.  Songfic is still songfic, in my opinion.  But I got to wondering about how this dude can just do this – who holds the rights on the songs?  This copyright stuff has got me all confuzzled, that’s what I got to say.  (But I do find it funny that his previous book angered that lead singer so much the dude gave him hateful feedback.)

Two dollars!

March 1, 2010

I lost $2 in a soda machine a couple of days ago. So, I called the number on the machine to get my refund. The number actually reached the assistant director of purchasing – and I felt sort of embarrassed. It was the assistant director! I mean, it’s only $2 – but hell, it’s my $2! (This is where I raise my fists in the air and cry out “Two dollars – I want my two dollars!” – anybody remember Better Off Dead?)

Who makes the assistant director of purchasing in charge of the vending machines? My workplace, that’s who.

This is the third time I’ve run into problems with those vending machines.  Kind of makes one think I should stop going to vending machines.  Better for the health and all that.

I got the two dollars back a couple of days later via inter-dept mail. Kind of satisfying, really, this complaining thing. Even if it was only over a couple of bucks.