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That’s Entertainment

December 18, 2009

Movies I’ve seen recently (all at home):

There Will be Blood – I drink your milkshake all up!  But would be hard to watch twice.  Still, I really like Daniel Day-Lewis, and would see almost anything he’s in.
After Life – love it.  Thoughtful, poetic, meditation on happiness.

Star Trek (the new beginning) – missed some of the in-jokes, and it seemed like it was all in-jokes.  Didn’t need to scream “Alternate Universe” in the way it did.  Still, a lot of fun.  Don’t know if I liked Spock+Uhura.

Milk – Sean Penn was excellent.  More celebratory of Harvey Milk’s life than not, I thought.

Good Night and Good Luck – solid.  Love David Strathairn.

Burn After Reading – Coen bros craziness.  Not superb, but still good.

No Country for Old Men – More Coen bros messing with your brain, in a very different way.  They do love a bad haircut, don’t they?

Hellboy II – weak moment for mindless fun.  Loved the idea of the toothfairies.

Perhaps Love – Loved the male protagonists, both of them.  Takeshi Kaneshiro is striking.  Jackie Cheung – dude can sing.  Not so fond of main woman character, but one can understand her reasons.

Forgotten Silver – slyly, understatedly funny.


new kitchen

December 17, 2009

New kitchen pics.

This window is in roughly the same space as the window from main kitchen photo in last post.  We got new cabinets (maple, Homecrest), tile floor (they ripped up 2 old floors, found an enormous cistern in the ground, and countertop (baltic brown, for all you granite fans out there – W was thrilled I liked it, even though it seemed dark at first, I think it worked out nicely.  As geologists, I just couldn’t go with the manufactured stuff, especially since it was within ballpark the same cost).

The part from the oven to the wall and the fridge was our old laundry room.  It was a dump.  Better shot of the countertop here.  Requisite kid art and fridge magnets.

This is a bad shot, but I did want to illustrate what happened to the wall with the big L-shaped hole in it.  I’m standing in the doorway of the new laundry room/pantry.

This is just to show the main heating source in that room – the pellet stove, which is awesome.  Ignore mess on counters, please.

And now we’re poor.  Spent all our money on this kitchen.  Worth it, but didn’t come cheap.  The things I would have done differently is really think about the location of every thing we were going to put in there.  We lost some upper cabinet space, but gained lower cabinet space and countertops – which does effect where you put your stuff.  Also, if I had thought about it, various appliances (i.e. honking big mixer) is just awkward to put anywhere.

kitchen before

December 11, 2009

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while – the pictures of my old kitchen and renovation.

old kitchen

Nothing is square, cabinets were 30-60 years old, countertops were that glitter lamination but the glitter had worn off in places.  Floor was nice – wide faux-aged bare white pine, but they were warping and required a lot of maintenance.  Plus, previous owners had a lot of animals and they had done some damage.

old plumbing

Plumbing was ancient, and sort of wacky.  Pipes coming through walls and cabinets to get to sink.  You got all your materials – lead, pvc, copper, brass – anything that had been used to make pipes was right here at this junction (never mind the whole house).

demolished kitchen

attached garage

Attached garage to kitchen – we expanded into this space.  It was pretty much as you see it (minus big hole in wall);  concrete floors, bare joists, junk everywhere.  The window to the right is the window in the center of the other photos.

side/back of house

This is the wall they ripped out because they realized all the wood was rotted  because the deck hadn’t been properly flashed, and the wood siding was already in pretty poor shape (they took it out on around the corner as well).  The hole you see is the same in both photos, just different perspectives.

shortcut contemplated

December 9, 2009

Thinkin’ about putting the entirety of WWII in a single chapter.

I want to respect the story but the details are killing me.

It’s probably good I don’t get paid for this.

I’m an ass.  (Notice the the short sentences – influence of trying to write punchily.  Does it or doesn’t it leave room for interpretation?  I can’t ever tell.)

Working on not becoming jaded.  Sigh.  Off to write some more.


December 8, 2009

Have a bad cold.  It migrated around my body pretty freely – throat, lungs, and worst of all, my sinuses.  So bad, it felt like a toothache.  I know it wasn’t a toothache because it was in the sockets of teeth I don’t have any more.  Before you go off thinking I’m all freaky-teeth missing like a broken-down fence on an abandoned farm – it’s the sockets of my wisdom teeth – which I had removed well over a decade ago – so, no – definitely not a toothache in the conventional you need a tooth to have kind of a toothache.  Really, it only leaves the possibility of sinus/ear tube infection (dry-socket only happens if you’ve actually got a dry socket, which I don’t think I’ve ever had).

Holiday badassery

December 1, 2009

You want to know how badass my family is?

Time and space and convention have no control over us.

We had a turkey on Sunday morning. For breakfast. That’s right. Plus mashed potatoes, a host of Korean side dishes, and my mother offered cake. Yeah, you heard me. Chocolate cake.


We already had the standard Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house, and that was fine.

But then my sister got a free turkey at the grocery store pre-holiday, but it was frozen solid and not thawable in time for her to bring it to my aunt’s house. So my mother was struck with inspiration to thaw it and roast it and have everybody who was around partake of said turkey just before we all left.

I like to think of us as unconventional, but the reality is that we just can’t let free food go to waste – and we do it in a showy weird way.