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Who’s your Daddy?

November 29, 2009

Henry has gotten a strange vocal tic.  At least, that’s how I’ve chosen to take it.

He and I will be doing something together, say a craft of some kind – just gluing some pictures cut out of magazines, say – and he’ll just ask a question, say about the picture, “Why we cutting this picture, Daddy?”  

In case you missed it, I rewind the moment, “Why we cutting this picture, DADDY?”

What gives?

I am not Daddy and could never be mistaken for Daddy.  We look very different.  You’ll have to trust me on this one – I’m a little Asian lady, he’s a big white guy.  Now, I understand I’ve been less available because of the baby – but it’s not like I’ve disappeared since J was born.  We share the same house.  He sees me every day.   We eat meals together.  

I then ask, “Who’s Daddy?”

Henry then looks surprised and then says, “Umm, yeah.  Uma.  Why we cutting the picture, Uma?”

It’s starting to make me think he just isn’t paying attention.


ribbon for moi

November 20, 2009

I just saw something that made me go “whut-?!”

Apparently, IBS has its own ribbon – it’s periwinkle.  Who knew?

Off to double-check.

ETA (from a custom ribbon awareness site):  Periwinkle = Eating disorders, pulmonary hypertension, stomach cancer, GERD, IBS

There you go.

crackin’ the whip

November 20, 2009

So, I haven’t written a lick since my last fic post.  Part of it was that frickin’ virus/computer problem.  Part of it was the big sigh of relaxation after a particularly big and hard-to-finish chapter.  Part of it was the baby.  Part of it, honestly, was because of my laziness.

Just because I’m not writing doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it.  I think about it all the time.  Especially in the shower, or while I’m laying in bed just before I go to sleep.  The problem being it’s hard to get to the computer (that isn’t yours) in those situations right when the inspiration hits.

Got to straighten out the rest of my facts, fill in the remainder of my outline and just get to work.  More whining to come.  Apologies in advance.  

This is the hard hard middle bit.  This is the point where I’d have given up already – the place where I have given up in the past, because it’s hard work and sort of hard to see exactly how I’m going to get to the ending (which in typical my ack-bassward style, I wrote almost immediately after the first sentence).  

If it weren’t for the reviews/positive reinforcement I’ve received from readers, I’d have given up already.  This is where the posting part is helpful.  Because I think I owe a little something to the people who have been reading along so far – they’re on the train with me and I want to get them to the ending.  I don’t want to abandon them.  It’s also to prove to myself I can do this.  I’m going to do this – even though it’s looking like it might take a while.  Whining about to commence.

For W

November 16, 2009

In honor of W, because I’m still using his computer.  (Scared to run the fix/reformatting program because I don’t want to lose any of the work I’ve done recently.)

I love the little details – they make a story.  When I saw Hellboy, I loved the fact they had a use for his ridiculously big hand.  Maybe the hand was a small detail around which the story ultimately revolved, but anyway, I was all “whut’s the deal with that ridiculous hand – ?”  Then it became awesome.  W knows this, because I talk about the hand when we last saw that movie.

Anyway, I was doing some baking, and I had big orange heavy duty oven gauntlets on.  I was walking around the kitchen with this gauntlet on because I was in the stage of baking where one checks on something every two minutes.  J cried, so I go to pick her up. 

W looks at me and says, “Looks like Uma is about to open the door of hell or save the universe.”


November 15, 2009

Am wondering about cross-overs.  Most recent one I’ve come across is the dinosaur-train cartoon on PBS.  I find it isn’t particularly successful at either dinosaurs or trains – but I come from the side of a small boy with an appetite for trains that is, to put it mildly, insatiable.  It’ll do, but it isn’t exactly what he’s looking for.  (Sort of like when one is up with a small infant and desperate for something to watch on TV – you’ll take what isn’t an infomercial (bought real estate recently?) or icky (are your bowels clean?) or both (girls gone wild) or you haven’t seen before (say, when CNN/headline news was doing a 30 minutes rotation) the desperation for something watchable can really get to you.)

 I think LEGOS have the ultimate lock on cross-overs. They’re just construction sets, right?  Cute, harmless, Scandinavian?  Oh no, my friends.  Do not be fooled.  Much like IKEA, they’ve snuck in and are steadily taking over the world.  I’ve seen their theorhetical cross-over sets – the space shuttle, the castles, and the monorail, which I know train people are still jonesing for since they discontinued it.  Seriously.  That monorail is worth some dough to the right train guy.

Then there’s the ultimate – Star Wars Lego figurines, and then the Star Wars Lego video game.  You can guess, where Star Wars Legos figurines star in a video game.  My brother likes it because his kids can play it – because there’s no blood or death, only legos pieces fall apart.  (That’s really his logic at work there.)

They had their own cartoon/characters.  Anyone remember Bionicles?  (which my brother, connesieur of all things toy said was a pretty good story line)  There was also a Lego character named Jack, is he still around?  But it’s hard to build your own franchise, so they went and built on George Lucas’.  Good for them.

But heed my warning – taking over the world.

Crispy PB Choco bars

November 15, 2009

1 c. peanut butter (I like smooth, but I’m in the minority – needs to be bad for you, not the natural stuff – if using reduced fat, add 2 tbls of butter)

3/4 c packed brown sugar

3/4 cup light corn syrup

1 tsp vanilla

5.5 c crispy rice cereal (rice bubbles for the aussies out there)

2 cups (12 oz package) of semi-sweet choc chips

Oven to 275deg F.  Get out 13x9x3 inch pan and grease.

In big heavy pot, combine peanut butter, sugar and corn syrup over med heat, stirring constantly, ~3 min.  Once sugar is melted, add vanilla.  Fold in cereal until completed coated.  Spread in pan and press firmly.  Add layer of choc chips.  Put in oven until chips melt (2-3 min).  Spread melty choc over ricey stuff.  Cool slightly, then refrigerate to set. 

It sets sort of hard, but it is quite yummy.  As a variation (thought exercise, as I’ve not done it), could probably break up milky way bars and melt them on top instead of simple chips.

Taken off side of generic crisped rice cereal box.


November 10, 2009

Bad virus on my computer.  More details when it gets cleared up.  (I’m on W’s machine and he likes to use it occasionally.)

Okay – one story.  I was looking at the toaster, and I realized something.  Now, realize we’ve had this toaster since we got married, some 8 years ago.  The toaster has a “STOP” button just beneath the browning level dial.  What the heck was I doing that whole time?  I just pushed up on the lever when I wanted the toast.  But there you go – a button that stops the toaster, and maybe might keep one from breaking the lever.  Feeling like an ultimate nimrod, I asked W very quietly (because when I’m feeling dumb I either go very quiet or very loud), “did you notice there’s a STOP button on the toaster?”

He said, “What button?”

I’m glad I’m not alone, but this begs the question – we were trained to observe, no?  Maybe not.

kinds of contact

November 5, 2009

Was thinking about how we contact other people through time. (Through history, and also the levels technology has taken us.)

Level 1 – Imagine reading a letter from a stranger and making up the voice of that person in your head.
Level 2 – Hearing the voice of said person.
Level 3 – Seeing a picture.
Level 4 – Seeing in movement.
Level 5 – Seeing moment and sound in color.
Level 6 – Seeing in person.
Level 7 – Physical contact.

It’s crazy thinking about how big each of those steps might be – say in a blind date situation. Because really, nothing is as one imagines it to be. I write fairly well, but I’m a huge dork and can be weird and awkward in person. Or if someone has an amazing voice, but looks like a toad (or vice versa, nasal crackly voice but astonishingly pretty). Our brains and expectations are funny things.

Was thinking about this in part because I had heard of films of Hitler that were in color – and W said it would be weird seeing Hitler in color. It might make him too real, after we’ve gotten used to the black and white images – that put him safely into the past and almost make him a cartoon and put away like the technology that depicted him.

W says – correction

November 2, 2009

W said 2 things of note recently.

1.  It’s 40% of adults who steal candy from their children…on Halloween Day.  I stand corrected.  But it’s never bothered me to be in the minority.  Then, the next day, I easily transition to the majority of sweet-thieving adults/parents.

2.  We were up, and ended up watching the old “V” miniseries – which I hadn’t thought of since I was middle-high school.  I had forgotten that Marc Singer (of “Beastmaster”) was in V.  So, we’re watching Marc Singer’s character get into a tight spot when W suddenly yells out, “Beastmaster, call the animals to help you!”  I just laughed and laughed.

Then on Facebook, I was reading somebody’s comments and laughed.  Then I realized that W wrote those things.

I find him terribly amusing.  Or we have definitely spent too much time together recently.


November 1, 2009

I have just joined the iniquitous ranks of parents who steal candy from children.  According to CNN, 90% of all parents do this.  Hey, it’s not like I’m stealing candy from a baby….just a toddler.  J’s not trick or treating yet, but if she was, I’d do it to her too.

Look, what are the alternatives?  Have Henry be all hopped on sugar for the next three weeks?  (He’s not getting more than a couple of pieces at a time, that’s for damn sure.)  Have him on the road to obesity/diabetes?

I’ll confess, I did have a couple of pieces, but honestly, most of that candy is nothing I’d eat.  (Milk Duds, I’m looking at you!)