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Entry for May 22, 2009

May 22, 2009

I should write – I want to write – but I am somehow reluctant. It takes a lot of energy, and let me tell you, my people – I am lazy.

But I will tell you that I am impressed with Henry’s acquisition of knowledge and language. Also his recent growth spurt. His words are so much clearer now. And he’s wearing pants that used to need to be rolled up to fit, without the rolling up.

I wonder if I spoke Korean to the extent that Henry speaks English – before I immigrated here to the US. W thinks this is a little bit of baloney. Because my sister and brother have much better grasp of Korean than I do – and while my brother might have a jump in comprehension because he’s older, my sister came over when she was just a baby. But I just have to say, “Spanish-language nursery school,” and he quiets down. He doesn’t really get the problems with that either, but he does know that probably broke my brains as far as Korean language acquisition. It’s a cheap excuse, but that’s all I got.


Entry for May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009

This is a story of a single ingredient that became the basis for an entire meal, perhaps a future philosophy. It started, with an avocado. The avocado looked sort of terrible – and I was fairly certain that it would be mostly bad and only a little bit usable for the salad I was planning tonight. But I cut it open, and lo! It was perfect. So perfect, I was taken aback. This avocado was good enough for more than just sprinkling over a salad. It was time to make guacamole.

I don’t make fancy guacamole – smash avocado, a little lime juice, and salsa.

So, that’s what we had for dinner. Salad, which led to guacamole and chips, which led to tortilla chips and salsa, which led to cheese, which led to (oddly) peanut butter which was smeared on said chips. Which led to chocolate cupcakes. It’s not a natural progression – don’t worry if you didn’t follow. It started out so promising, so healthy seeming, and then kind of degenerated. We did finish off the last tomato, the avocado, the chips, and most of the cupcakes – so that’s good. I don’t like food sitting around getting bad. I also went and dumped the remainders into the compost pile – and that’s also good. (Even though there’s a tornado alert out – which is bad.)

Also added some dryer lint to the compost pile – just to see what would happen. As I learned some people add the lint to their gardens, so I’ll keep you updated.

2nd Entry for May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009

I’m very proud of one last item from last week. There’s a little program at work (why is it that most people’s blogs do not contain items from work?) that allows $100.00 per class for extra food outside of regular class hours. Catering is kind of expensive, especially for the 29 students in the class – so I managed to buy $99.90 worth of food and beverages and did a vegetable/cheese/fruit thing that seemed very popular. (It’s amazing how much food you can provide if there’s no profit motive and labor is free.) More popular than pizza, anyway. A student told me she had been given pizza 4 times already that week, which seems crazy. Maybe another reason this was so popular was that I informed the students that anything that wasn’t eaten, they could take home.

To achieve this $99.90, I actually overspent, and then had to have the cashier rollback until I reached $100.78, and then they took the tax off. How awesome is that?! It’s just a small personal victory. Against who, I have no idea.

On the other hand, I sent out my Holiday/Xmas cards this week. The week after the price of stamps went up. Sigh. I know, it’s late.

As another thought – am considering making my own clothing detergent – there’s a bunch of stuff on the internet about it. It’s supposed to be pretty cheap, works well, and doesn’t require much work once the supplies are purchased. I’ll keep you posted if I actually do it.

Entry for May 14, 2009

May 14, 2009

Did some weeding yesterday and realized something terribly lowering. I wouldn’t necessarily want to be reincarnated as a cultivated plant in my garden – but wouldn’t mind life as a weed. Life as a weed in my garden would be almost as good as a cultivated plant – and as an added bonus, I probably wouldn’t get dug up for a long long time.

Spent time today digging thorns out of my sorry, unaccustomed hide. Don’t know why it can take a day or two to even realize the full extent of being all stuck. Maybe it’s just a very slow nervous system. Also got bitten up something good – ah, the pleasures of living right next to a serious wetland.

Why do I even go outside? It’s crazy. But, I did spend a great night sleeping – so the sunshine and wind did some good.

Entry for May 13, 2009

May 13, 2009

Am eating leftovers for lunch today. Cooked, stewed tomatoes with some cumin and herbs and good things that was originally used as a sauce for eggs and a ground lamb dish (Mother’s Day food). W was going to throw them out, but kept them around for me. Because I adore tomatoes, and almost all tomato-related foodstuffs. I even think tomatoes are pretty, and would be happy with tomato decor. Really. I’m just eating the sauce slathered on bread.

W said he was surprised at how tomato-y the sauce is each time he makes it – but that’s what I love about it. There was a period where all I ate was pita spread with tomato paste and a touch of other topping – maybe cheese, maybe some meat, or veg. I cannot be without tomatoes, even if I don’t eat them super often. I would eat more often if I lived alone. Not that that’s a hint or anything, W. They ruin clothes, food containers – I don’t care. I love tomatoes with an abiding passion.

And now for something completely different….

I was listening to some acapella recently, and while I still enjoy it (I really loved it during college – but I think it has to do with knowing the people who were singing), and am impressed with the skill it takes to make a successful group, a thought occurred to me. Most acapella groups don’t seem to understand the words that they’re singing may not be appropriate to the occasion – or else my sensibilities are really different than other people’s.

During my college graduation, a group sang a song by Annie Lennox, which would normally have been a big win all around, except that the song was “Little Bird” and sort of a really depressing song – “I see a little bird in the sky…and it makes me want to cry….I walk along the city streets/So dark with rage and fear…and I wish….I could fly away from here…Mamma where do I go?…”

Really? You want to sing that at commencement? After your parents dumped thousands and thousands into your education? Okay, the song may be redeemed by the last couple of lines about putting the wings to test, but you know what? Sonic beauty does not trump repetition of the lines “Mamma I feel so low, where do I go?” and “cry, cry, cry.” At least, I don’t think so.

Anyway, back to my tomatoes.

Entry for May 12, 2009

May 12, 2009

Today is the day I figured out what to do what the random little bits of knitting project I’ve got all over the place. You see, maybe 4-5 years ago, I was bound and determined to do something good. I was going to knit a blanket for America. (Well, some persons in America, anyway.)  But I just had to make it difficult. Not only was I going to knit this blanket, I was going to throw in a bunch of different patterns and colors.  And I was going to make panels, just in case I didn’t finish, I could send it to a charity (can’t remember which one – edited: the charity is called Warm-up America, or something like that.) who would make the blankets with my panels.

Well, after so many patterns, I determined something. Different patterns make different sized panels, how matter how hard I tried to make the panels uniform. So I gave up. I had gathered up all my yarn (which, even though I didn’t buy some of it – it’s a combination of yarn from my sister’s college crochet days and stuff I don’t know where) and panels, even though I loved some of the patterns, and stuffed it away, with the intent of making that blanket someday.

Well, today is the someday. I’d been held back by a couple of things. Inertia. That’s a big one. The other is that I was bound and determined to figure out how to put the panels together, myself. And I’ve downsized my ambition. I’m making a long scarf. The panels are still too different in size, but if you just put together the sides, the overlong bits aren’t such a big deal. And now, I’ve got internet at home, so I can look things up.

The edges are put together by a slip stitch, essentially. I think. I don’t actually know how to crochet – I just somehow have some hooks. Like I don’t know how to knit, really. I just happen to have some needles. Nor do I actually know the right terminology, but the internet knows. But it’ll help me use up these panels for something useful and then I can feel like I’m starting fresh should the project urge ever strike again. Then I’ll have to learn how to do it, all over again.

2nd Entry for May 10, 2009

May 10, 2009

Today was Mother’s Day. My second. W let me sleep in a little bit (until 8!), and that was awesome. He told me on Friday that he hadn’t gotten me anything, and asked if I wanted anything, and I replied in the negative. So I guess he felt a little bit bad and did all the cooking today. This was also awesome – and I was surprised at how much more time I had today to do things. So this is what it must feel like to have somebody else take of things. That’s a pretty good life.

I did a bit of weeding, which made me feel better. I have no idea how real gardeners feel about their gardens – I can’t keep on top of the weeds, never mind the planting, transplanting, pest deterring, mulching, fertilizing and on and on. It’s so much fricking work. It boggles the mind.

W and Henry and I also went out for a bit of a walk following dinner, which was very nice, even though it was pretty cold for May. (In the morning, it ran to about 45deg F, and only went a little bit higher in the afternoon.) I had just washed Henry’s winter jacket and was about to put it into storage, and then, here I go, pulling it out again. This is one thing about Upstate NY weather I wouldn’t miss if it magically went away. Still, it was a very nice day.

edited to note that this was my second Mother’s Day as a Mother. I’m not two years old, for heaven’s sake. I just sometimes write like I am.

Entry for May 10, 2009

May 10, 2009

A couple of days ago, W mentioned to me that Henry said, after something silly before bedtime, “Daddy funny.” When W tried to get Henry to repeat it, Henry said, “Henry funny.” W tried to correct him with “Henry funny, too.” And Henry said, “Henry funny ONE!” And he laughed. Henry is number one funny around here. We are quite pleased he’s got a sense of humor. As a continuation of this, Henry said “Umma (that’s me) is funny four.” It’s sad I’m so far behind (W says I’m behind him, Henry, and Digger, which is just about any heavy piece of machinery).

This is quite funny – because we are sometimes quite silly, and Henry is, aside from the usual young child stuff, quite good-natured. I’m not sure where he gets that from – the good nature, not the funny. The funny probably comes from both sides of the family (meaning W and myself. As far as I can tell, W’s parents aren’t particularly silly and don’t have very pronounced senses of humor. Where W gets it from is a mystery.).

This wasn’t meant to be a blog about nostalgia – but we were at OAB’s birthday party today and W commented that some of the little kids there still had that very baby-walk. You know, the kind of using your whole side of your body to lift your leg instead of just bending your knee. I can’t remember when Henry stopped doing that and started much more adult walking. It’s a little startling. My memories on a lot of things are just blurred, and the kid hasn’t even been around for 3 years! I meant to do more with this blog about keeping track of his milestones, but haven’t. Distracted by life, I guess.

He’s been speaking a lot more and much more clearly – I’d say in the last month or two. (Henry, not W.) He started speaking, really, a little after he turned 2 – (he had a handful of words before then, but they weren’t very clear) and it seems almost as if he jumps a developmental level, then hangs out there for a little bit, and then jumps again. Maybe I just haven’t noticed some of the sublties inbetween. He’s also growing quite a bit right now. (I mostly keep track through how fast he goes through clothes. He’s about to go to the next size up.)

TheBruce says kids get fat then they stretch out, and they get fat, and they stretch out again. That’s the human child growth cycle.

Entry for May 08, 2009

May 8, 2009

Am thinking about buying new covers for the couch. Note: not new couch – new couch covers. We had some for a year or so – and then a mouse chewed on a corner, rather obviously. I’m glad we had the covers to begin with, otherwise mouse might have chewed the couch. I like the current couch covers, but am concerned, because they are very, very red. The concern (it just occurred to me the other day why I only put covers on one of the couches) is that our couches will look like enormous bloodclots. There I said it. It’s awful really. I don’t have any training in decoration, don’t care about it particularly, but once the idea is on my head, I don’t know where to put it. I obsess about it a bit.

I do like that color, though. Hm. It’s just a very dark red, but not a rusty red, if you know what I mean. Gah. I know why people buy dull neutral colors now – like sage green, or tan. There’s little association there with bodily fluids. Yuck. Sorry I mentioned it.

We probably should get new new covers – or at the very least, patch the old ones and some how make the damage less conspicuous. But if I patch it, I imagine it might be more conspicuous than not.

Maybe I should see if there are any new patterns available.

Entry for May 07, 2009 – random

May 6, 2009

If you’re wondering why my blog has a) gotten so many updates recently, and b) changed tone, I refer you to the livejournal of dansemacabre (I don’t know who they are, but here’s the link to the entry: But they wrote something that really got to me. I was trying to be funny and interesting with every entry – but they wrote that if somebody is coming to a blog expecting a rollicking experience each time, they deserve to read about my dull stuff as well (paraphrasing).

Also, I am avoiding doing any fiction writing – all that energy is being channeled into this blog. And my pillowcase project. Like I have time for that sh*t, being the mother of a young child, wife of a slightly dotty husband, and all around efficiency expert at work.

I also am just figuring out how to use this site – duh. Just noticed the previous tags button so I could repeat tags – what a concept!