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Entry for March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

Earth Hour passed here uneventfully. Hmm. I spent the hour asleep – with Henry. Does that count as keeping down my energy usage? Or just my personal energy expenditure?

Segue – as I first became aware of Earth Hour when I spent that term in Wollongong.

I’ve taken to watching Australian TV online, especially comedians. Here’s the problem. I can’t share the funny with anybody. I mean, I usually can’t anyway, but now I really can’t. A minor goal – doing a reasonable Aussie accent. It might make for sharing the funny marginally more entertaining. Maybe.


Entry for March 27, 2009

March 27, 2009

Was watching TV (if you must know, VH1’s Black to the Future) when I had an epiphany.

I had heard the theory that you either like Elvis or the beatles, but you can’t like both equally. This definitely holds true for me – I’m Elvis, baby. All the way. I really can’t give two figs about the beatles. Sorry. Any of their musical descents are sort of hard for me to take for any length of time.

But I do know a couple of people who really, really like the beatles, and I got to thinking. Maybe there’s a formative period for music-taste. Because that would explain the loving of beatles – if you were surrounded by people who liked that (read: New England or the Midwest). But I spent a bunch of years in the Bronx, and then grew up in New Jersey – right when funk was big.

I really do like funk – but I have to say – there’s funk, and then there’s some grooves that are just too funky for me. I think it’s the Bruce Springsteen/NJ thing – it broke the hold funk had on me.

Just a theory. You’re welcome to comment.

Entry for March 22, 2009

March 22, 2009

Taken from a thread started by a friend on Facebook who recently read Twilight – just to see what all the fuss was about. I think I gave her more than she expected. The number of entries indicate the small size of text box given. (Obviously, the original programmers were not expecting the kind of literary critique I am capable of giving….)

(This is almost all me, I think – to protect the innocent, etc. etc. Other contributors were completely sane and well-reasoned.)

2:02am March 19
(Rant begins:) Twilight is exactly the sort of crazy-ass no-sex no-blood no-nothing piece of junk (I will refrain from my exact desired words here) that makes writers of genre fiction/YA fiction cringe in mortification. A vampire that’s good?! A vampire that doesn’t drink human blood?! They’re the embodiment of evil – holy crap! My ASS! That sort of bullSH#T (yes, I meant to cap it that way) is just frinkin’ embarrassing. (Didn’t read, but honestly, what the frick! Stupid premise all around. If you’re looking to write something that has some sort of false safe sex theme or honor thing or ‘tingly danger’ thing – try a historic period, where the social mores meant something – I hate this modern life meets old fable and is yet so safe. Eat me.) All I know is that if you’ve got a jones for a vampire that can’t do sexual hoo-ha for ya, then call a insomniac eunuch that likes to cosplay!!!!

2:06am March 19

Oh, and Mary Sueness is so F#cked up – I mean, write a real character! My ASS! If you’re going to Mary Sue it – write frickin’ fanfiction!!! (rant subsiding…but can flare up at any sign of further provocation – even very mild.)

Also, can you believe how well it’s doing financially? Holy crap! The temptation to write BS like that is sort of strong – if the rewards are like that. Geez, isn’t that the sign of evil or what?

So the question is – is the writing better than you expected meaning “good” or just “better than you expected?”

2:08am March 19

Actually, the only thing that sparkles is my wit – or my ASS! (Okay, officially loopy. Time to go to bed.)

Is it not romance genre because there’s no sex?

1:28pm March 19

I woke up this morning with the scary thought – the thing people who have any interest in this thread will read is about my ASS. I officially have facebook rant regret. Only in so far as I’m a little afraid of what people who don’t know me will think….besides the fact that I know what fanfiction and Mary Sue means and I’m *not* in the industry . And that I am apparently incredibly frightening at 2am. Probably more frightening than those frickin’ Twilight undead. And by the way, I’m going to blow up about Underworld now – guns? How stupid is that? Vampires don’t need stupid guns! They’re bloody vampires! And what was the whole point of the Lycan/vampire mix if the dude didn’t do diddley?! What a waste of celluloid. Ugh. If I may say so – my ass would make better footage.

1:28pm March 19
So, twilight is definitely not on my reading list. You can tell I have issues that extend way beyond that.

1:36pm March 19

Are you going to read the sequel? (Friend indicated a small possibility.)

3:14pm March 19

The thing that occurred to me about the Mary Sue thing is that however much a single course cost at Carleton when we went there – I just realized what a total waste of money at least one was. That was the short story/fiction writing class I took – because instructor really emphasized character development and detail and realism and actually making things logical from one section to another. And here’s yet another example of what I learned being completely irrelevant in today’s marketplace.

3:21pm March 19

Oh, you want danger? You want unforgiving relatives/sides/bad guys/no sex and bad boys? Try writing something about being a gay man in the early 80’s when people were afraid to touch you/kiss you because they thought AIDS was contagious. Ugh. Maybe to make it more appropriate, it would be a gay cannibal in the early 80’s who’s fighting Reaganites, and likes doing drag (that’s my Mary Sue right there). Sorry if that’s in bad taste – but the whole Twilight thing really yanks on some deep, writerly bitterness. (To any gays/homosexuals, I’m deeply sorry. It’s just this bitterness I have to try to hide that bursts forth from time to time.)

3:21pm March 19

Here’s another facebook rant I’m about to regret…..sigh. Maybe I should just sent emails.

3:23pm March 19

But, say, MY version of twilight came out – you can bet your ass those characters would *sparkle.* And no one could say anything about it – because it would be true.

12:48am March 21

So I was at the bookstore today, and cracked open Twilight. For exactly four seconds. Because I had Henry and W with me and I couldn’t resist, but didn’t want to spend the money on it.

Oh man. Perhaps I should have had lower expectations – I think your giving it the “better than expected” made me think “Hmmm – that must mean it’s better than average.” Woe unto me that I forgot the first part of your review that indicated fanfiction-like tendencies.

Maybe it was the big font (I can’t believe how big that font is – it’s like the publisher was told to make it a certain thickness so they can charge quality paperback size money on it instead of just paperback money – sort of like padding a term paper with font and margins).

Maybe it’s just the tedious part of writing – getting the setting and the characters into place – that I’m reacting to. I only skimmed the preface (or prologue) and then a couple of pages about how she ends up in the real setting of the story. It seemed sort of static. Well, what do I know. I’ve had mixed reviews recently – someone loved something I wrote and said it was really thoughtful and contemplative, and someone else thought it moved too slowly. Eh.

(That was most of the crazy rant stuff that seemed funny.)

Entry for March 09, 2009

March 9, 2009

I like to pick coins off the street. I’m cheap like that. Pennies, nickles, whatever. I probably embarrass W a little bit – but he recently told me about an article he read that made him think of me. A woman and her family found something over $1000 over a period of years from picking coins up – and she blogs about it!

This makes me happy. (Call me weird.) For a couple of reasons, money aside. I mean, do you have any idea of how much work it takes to make a coin, especially pennies, which are now worth more for their raw materials than their minted value? The second, the idea of something for free – even if it’s two cents. The last, being that dropped coins seem so wasteful to me.

I’m not the only one.…

Entry for March 03, 2009

March 3, 2009

W is pretty funny. Maybe you (and by you I mean me) has to find things to keep the relationship interesting after being together for a while.

I was reading some posts on the internet (and it’s because one of my favorite characters might have just been killed off that I did this – I needed confirmation because I don’t actually pay for the series) and in the middle of this rather heated debate – some jerkoff mentions Patrick Swayze – but it goes on and on in this – and more and more people start to mention Patrick Swayze. So, ultimately, it makes me laugh. So of course I have to share.

W does find it funny – but then he crinkles up his face a little bit, and says, “That’s sort of gay” (no offense to the gays) – meaning, that straight guys don’t really think about Patrick Swayze anymore. I guess since his “Roadhouse” movie days are over.

I personally thought the only people who thought about Patrick Swayze were the girls who swooned over him from the Dirty Dancing movie – of course, they’d be in their 40’s and 50’s now, and unlikely to be posting in an anime list, but still.

So the question remains – are the posters gay? Or women reaching menopause? Or is it Patrick Swayze himself just screwing with people like me who just want to know the scoop on my favorite character?